Delhi Teen Killed By Friend Filming A TikTok Video With A Pistol In Hand!


At one point or another, most of us have made videos of ourselves on the popular app TikTok. The few who have not, have seen ones made by their friends, family members or celebrities. Recently though, countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh have banned the app due to the inappropriate content produced and cases of addiction among young children. Even Madras High Court has passed an order to prohibit the download and use TikTok in India with effect from April 16.

Mohammad Salman, a 19-year-old from Delhi has lost his life because his friend (24-year-old Suhail Malik) was posing with a countrymade pistol for a TikTok video. He accidentally fired a shot that killed him.

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According to the Hindustan Times, the incident took place on the night on April 13. Salman, Suhail and Aamir Malik (Suhail’s cousin) were returning from a drive to India Gate in a car. Salman (the victim) was driving and Suhail sat next to him. He started capturing a TikTok video with a pistol in hand. At an uneven stretch of the road, a shot accidentally fired and hit Salman.

Madhur Verma, the deputy commissioner of police (New Delhi), revealed that 3 people have been arrested for murder, possession of arms and destroying evidence.

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Police officials say that Suhail and Aamir took the injured victim to a relative’s house. They disposed off the pistol and their bloodied clothes while the relative took Salman to a hospital. The hospital staff declared him dead and also apprised the police of the situation.


Police believe there might be malicious intent behind the killing as no report was filed by those arrested and they also took great pains to keep the evidence from the police.

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