Goon Tries To Steal A Bike At Gunpoint, Delhi Student Fights Back Bravely

After watching a ton of Jason Bourne, James Bond and Mission: Impossible movies, we all feel like we know mixed martial arts and can take on any criminal with ease. However, as reality dawns on us, we begin to realise that we wouldn’t be all that good against goons.

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That said, there are some exceptions among us, who are able to look danger right in the eye and say “what’s up?”

According to NDTV, Karan Chowdhary is one such individual, as he chose to take on an armed hooligan who wanted to steal his bike. He said,

“He asked me to give him my bike keys but I refused to do so. I stepped down from my bike and ran away from the spot to seek help from people at the petrol pump; they all refused to help and went away from there and locked themselves in a room. However, I fought with the miscreant all alone and snatched a pistol from his hands. Then he immediately ran away.”

Karan said that the incident took place when he was going to his institute at around 6 am on Sunday. And although the CCTV footage shows him fending off the miscreant all by himself, Karan said that there three-four people on the other side of the road.

Check out the video here:

Citizens are instructed by the police to not take on armed criminals all by themselves because they’re not equipped to handle such situations. But when push comes to shove, nobody knows how they’re going to react. Thankfully, Karan walked out of this altercation safely and probably struck fear into the robber’s heart. Now, let’s hope that Delhi police analyses this footage carefully and nabs the perpetrator.