People In Delhi Have Saved ‘Yaha Police Wale Hote Hai’ Landmarks On Google Maps

If you are someone from Delhi and you type ‘Yaha Police Wale Hote Hai’ on Google, then you’ll find multiple landmarks on Google Maps where there are police checkpoints! This is a wonderful kind of social service that has been done by the people of Delhi to help people in trouble and also *ahem ahem* save them from trouble.

A guy named Shubham Girdhar took to X (formerly Twitter) to share screenshots of the results after the Google search and the landmarks on Google Maps.

Imagine if there is a woman who is feeling unsafe or a car that’s broken down and the driver is unable to get some help, they can easily track the nearest police checkpoint and seek aid.

Shubham called it the “New innovation in Delhi NCR”.

On seeing this, some people online started contributing to Google Maps in a similar fashion! Others really loved this and showered a lot of appreciation. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

Good going Delhi!

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