Delhi Owner Threatens To Deflate Tyres Of Anyone Who Parks In Spot Meant For GF


Remember how in school we used to save our best-friends a seat in the school bus or in the classroom? When we grew up and started dating, we did that for our partners instead. And it’s pretty annoying to see someone else occupy the space which you have reserved for someone you love!

For example, a person in Delhi put up a signboard which read that the parking spot in front of the house is reserved for the girlfriend and threatened that anyone who tries to occupy it will end up with deflated tyres! Have a look:

The picture was posted on Twitter by a journalist who wrote, “Delhi being Delhi.”


People on the internet are laughing out loud, claiming how it is a “typical Delhi” thing to do!


Delhiites, what do you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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