Delhi Couple Gets Intimate On Metro, Their CCTV Footage Ends Up On A Porn Site!


Ah! What it feels like to be in love, young and fearless! Every moment that you spend with your significant other is special, and you want that moment to stay. Well, the thing is that, if you do it wrong enough, the moment will stay, just not the way you’d like it. And this was a lesson that a Delhi couple had to learn the hard way.

In a long streak of metro footage leak, a particular footage caught the limelight where a Delhi couple were being intimate in the metro. The video which seems to originate from the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) CCTV cams has made its way to a porn site.

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As per the reports, the clip bears a time and date stamp, and appears to have been shot on a phone, recording what was playing on the surveillance monitor. This hasn’t been the first time when footage of couples being in compromising positions have been relayed into porn websites in a similar fashion.


In an interview, Anuj Dayal, executive director-corporate communications, DMRC said-

“The DMRC has lodged an FIR with the Delhi Police regarding this incident for obscenity in a public place. The police are further investigating this matter. We have passed all available information, details and footage of the incident to the police authorities and are providing all possible assistance in the matter to help the investigation.”

After the incident, DMRC officials have asked people to keep their private ‘businesses’ out of public transport – and it is a well-founded request. Sure. But, does it mean that if another people are found being intimate, it’s fine for the clip to end up as public porn?

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Reportedly, over 250 clips of couples in near-empty trains were made into two-to-eight-minute videos and uploaded on adult websites. Many of these clips have been recorded in a similar way as this- from the footage monitor.


Clearly, the breach in privacy of the corporation-owned security footage is a glaring concern. DMRC has launched an internal probe, stating, “Whoever is found at fault, appropriate action will be taken against them.”

Let us hope the DMRC acts swiftly to find the leak, penalize the offender and tighten security.

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