Delhi Police Arrests 7 Aashiqs Who Stole Bikes & Mobile Phones To Impress Their Girlfriends

The concept of romance in India has been ruined by Bollywood. The average-to-good quality courtship has to involve visiting tons of restaurants and dressing up glamorously. But if it’s a genuine relationship with two people enjoying each other’s silence, it has to be portrayed as a low quality affair and be ended tragically.

And, as predicted by Ramadhir Singh in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, a bunch of guys from New Delhi fell into this trap set up by Hindi cinema and ended up getting arrested.

According to, seven men from New Delhi were arrested for stealing bikes and mobiles to impress their respective girlfriends on New Year. They were identified as Imran, Vikas, Nitin, Nasim, Naveen, Dharmender and Dheeraj.

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Three out of the seven romeos were arrested based on a tip-off the police had received on Thursday. They set a trap (as if the one set by Bollywood wasn’t enough) near Peeragarhi Metro Station and the three accused drove into it and were arrested. 17 mobiles were found on them. And it was discovered that they had stolen the bike they were on from Punjabi Bagh area.

After Imran, Nasim and Naveen, it was time to round up the rest of the gang. So, the Delhi police rigged a second trap near the Sultanpuri bus terminal and the rest as they say is history.

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Vikas, Nitin, Dheeraj and Dharmender were caught and they led the police to the four motorcycles and a scooter that they had stolen and hidden at various abandoned places. In addition to that, an officer said that they were able to recover 11 mobiles and a sum total of Rs. 7000 from them.

Considering how all the accused admitted that they had done all this to impress their girlfriends and plan the New Year celebration out of Delhi, there’s only one real takeaway from this incident, ladies and gentleman. If your bae is so demanding that you’ve to start doing illegal activities, leave them and you’ll live a more peaceful life.

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