Delhi Man Takes Wife To Court For Being Addicted To Social Media, Files For Divorce

The internet is a funny place because it has a lot of positive points and an equal number of negative points. People around the world can access an abundance of information that they can utilise. On the flip-side, they can dive into a rabbit-hole full of conspiracy theories and click-bait entertainment. However, as proven by a Delhi man’s case, overexposure to either of those aspects can and will hamper one’s real life.

According to India Today, a software professional from Delhi wants to divorce his wife because of her continued addiction to the internet.

The petitioner in question is Narendra Singh. He has been married to his wife for about a year. However, soon after getting married he realised that his wife’s interests lie in the virtual world rather than the reality in which they live. Singh has even alleged that that is the reason why they haven’t been able to consummate their marriage.

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However, Singh says that browsing isn’t the only problem that’s keeping her away from him and his family. He says that his wife engages in late-night WhatsApp chats with her male friends. And every time he has tried to prevent her from doing so, she has threatened him with serious consequences. So, with no other option left, Singh filed the divorce plea.

While the family court has accepted Narendra Singh’s plea, his wife’s counsel has denied the allegations. However, Singh’s counsel, Manish Bhadauria doubled down on his claim and said,

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“Being well-educated, the husband gave the wife ample time to adjust into the new atmosphere of the matrimonial home, but spending time on social media and ignoring household responsibilities as a wife had become her habit.”

The allegations about overusing social media and having online affairs with men are damning. In addition to that, Singh has alleged that his wife would stop him from spending money on his other family members.

Although this might sound like a first for us, marriage counsellors in family courts are saying that these kinds of divorce have become a growing trend. Delhi based counsellor, Pooja Mehta said,

“Earlier the reason of matrimonial disputes was dowry, family arguments and property-related matters. There was hardly any mention of social media as the reason for conflict or divorce.”

She further added that the rift between couples are occurring due to unrealistic expectations created by social media.

“When couples spend more time on social media, communication gap becomes quite natural. Social media also make couples have unrealistic expectations from each other and when the spouse fails to meet them, they think of it as a compatibility issue.”

It’s the 21st century and we still associate addiction to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. However, social media has become one of the biggest sources of addiction. And it might be worse because the usage of tangible drugs have physical indications which might stop one from using it. However, we realise the effect of internet addiction only when it’s too late. So, as this case is more proof, maybe it’s time to reassess where we should drawn the line between the virtual and real world.

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