Delhi Man Brazenly Steals Planters From Vertical Garden, Watch Video

With global warming and the increased levels of air pollution in cities, going green is the need of the hour. But quite often, space becomes a constraint. Which is why the New Delhi Municipal Council started the ‘vertical gardens project’ on metro pillars and overbridge pillars across the capital.

These vertical gardens battle dust pollution and soaring temperatures in addition to providing oxygen and looking gorgeous.

However, an unidentified man was caught on video stealing the plastic pots in which the plants have been placed on pillars. He brazenly lifted them out of their holders, threw away the plants along with the soil and stashed them in his bag. When he realized he was being filmed, he ran away.

The brave old aged uncle ji was stealing containers of plants placed by MCD or may be some other government department, considering GREEN INDIA MOVEMENT.don't know why this uncle ji is destroying all plants and keeping all the plastic pots.One this for sure that he is not going sow anything in these pots. We are no one to blame any government, if we can't stop these kind of people, I could have cought him and hand him to the local authorities, but I decided to let him go this time.. May God give him sadhbudhi or he may never see me again.. it would be his worst day next timeGOD BLESS INDIA.Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal

Posted by Alwayz Dil Se on Thursday, October 10, 2019

People were shocked at his audacity and also lamented the poor mentality of some citizens that didn’t see anything wrong in stealing public property. All in all, everyone thought that the act was shameful because it undid the hard work of the municipal officials.

Unless and until the urge to keep our cities clean and green comes from within, no amount of CCTV cameras or police authorities can prevent such petty thefts from happening in the country, don’t you think?

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