Delhi Man Fined ₹23K For Violating Traffic Rules, Says His Scooty Is Cheaper Than Challan

The new Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill that imposes hefty fines on traffic rules violators has been put into practice from September 1. Examples of such heavy fines are already making headlines. So for those who think that there is an easy escape for taking traffic rules for granted, let me tell you that there really isn’t!

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A man riding a scooter without a helmet was fined Rs. 23,000 by the traffic police in Gurugram. According to sources, Dinesh Madan, a resident of Geeta Colony in East Delhi, was fined by Gurugram Police on Monday for riding a scooty without a helmet and also for not carrying important documents.

“As Madan was not wearing his helmet, he was stopped by the on-duty traffic personnel. He was unable to produce his documents when asked. Hence, the challan was issued,” said a traffic police official.

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Madan was unable to provide the Registration Certificate, driver’s license, insurance, pollution certificate. He told the police that all his documents were at home. The police asked him to bring them within 10 minutes, but he said that his house was too far and that it would take him much longer.

He showed them a digital copy of the Registration Certificate went by his family through WhatsApp, but they insisted on him showing the original hard copy. Since he was unable to do so, the hefty fine was a sum total of all these offences.

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The police then went on to seize Madan’s scooty. Madan left his 2-wheeler with the cops because it was hardly worth Rs. 15,000 – much less then the challan he was given. As of now, he has refused to pay the fine.

However, he promised to carry the necessary documents and wear a helmet from then on.

You can view the details of the challan here:

Here’s taking an opportunity to address anyone using means of private transport. Please make sure you have all your documents and do not forget to wear a helmet in case of riding a 2-wheeler. There is absolutely no way you can get by the new rules!