Delhi Guy Flies To Patna To Feed GF Chocolate, Slaps Her When She Doesn’t Show Chat History

We are currently in the middle of Valentine’s week. This means that you will be surrounded by grand gestures and overcompensating promises! While some might ink their partner’s name (and regret later), others might make surprise visits, making your partner complain of your possible lack of romantic efforts!

Coming to the point, one man from Delhi was so in love that he travelled to Patna just so that he could feed his girlfriend chocolate on ‘Chocolate Day’, reports Jagran. However, things escalated for the worse quickly.

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But before we jump into that, here’s some back story. The girlfriend in question lives in Patna and is currently preparing for a competitive exam. She had developed a special friendship with the boy who within a few months had to leave for Delhi. They spoke over the phone often and eventually fell in love. On Saturday, last week, the two expressed their feelings to each other.

Cut to Sunday, the boy was on a plane to Patna to visit her. They met at a park and spent some time together. Soon, the boy asked for the girl’s phone. She refused. This led to the guy suspecting that there was something fishy and he insisted the girl show him her WhatsApp chats. The girl refused again. In a fit of rage, the guy slapped her, snatched her phone, and broke it.

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Angered by this, the girl called the police after which the guy fled. The cops called both parties to the police station, instructed them, and let them go.

Romance gone in 60 seconds?

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