WATCH: Brave Security Guard Stops ATM Robbery In Delhi Even After Taking A Bullet!

I’m sure you have read a lot of reports about Delhi and how it is the crime capital of the nation with a burgeoning crime rate. I’ll not lie, this is one of those. But with an eye-opening example; a heroic act that we do not get to see often. A security guard in Delhi’s Majra Dabas saved the day when he foiled an ATM robbery even after getting shot by two assailants. 

In a CCTV clip shared by ANI, two hooded men on a bike rode across an SBI ATM and opened fire at the unsuspecting guard while on-lookers ran for their safety. But even after getting hurt, the guard stood his ground and fought the goons, dissuading them from entering the ATM cubicle. And he was successful as the men left the premises fearing a mob attack. Fortunately, the braveheart is out of danger but his courage is reward-worthy.