Delhi Girl Reveals The Ugly Truth Of Route 544, Requests CM, Police To Take Appropriate Action


As soon as India stepped into 2018, we were struck by the harrowing cases of Kathua and Unnao. Following that, many politicians and celebrities voiced their opinions and asked people to make the country a safer place for women. However, as we move towards 2019, it looks like little to nothing has changed as cases of sexual assault from Rewari and Kerala are making headlines. And a report from Delhi further sheds light on the true face of India.

Twitter user Shivani Gairola talked in detail about the kind of harassment her cousin sister had to face on her way to the college.

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She went onto request CM Arvind Kejriwal, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, and the Delhi Police to take immediate action.

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Netizens soon took notice and retweeted Shivani’s story. Additionally, they talked about the situations they had to face in Delhi.

1. Indeed, they should.


2. It’s his duty.

3. Security is a must if people don’t change.

4. However, they have to. It’s about time.

5. Where’s the freedom?

6. They should cater to the common people instead of the VIPs.

We live in the 21st century and it’s truly baffling how people, especially women, have to face such complications on a daily basis in the country’s capital. While police protection is a tool to fight this menace that’s mostly coming from men, providing basic sex education to them and teaching self-defence to women can be thought about as well. Because there’s no place in society for sexual harassment and it has to stop now.

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