Delhi To Get Free Electricity Upto 200 Units, Declares CM Kejriwal! Twitter Reacts

Despite being the capital of India, Delhi often has suffered a lot when it comes to the pollution in the air and the crowds. Delhites have reason to rejoice, however, as they can expect gigantic cost reductions in the electricity prices.
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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made an announcement on Thursday that people living in the capital do not have to pay any amount of their electricity bills if their power consumption does not exceed 200 units. However, residents consuming 201-400 units of electricity would still be eligible for 50% power subsidy from the government.

Kejriwal reportedly quoted numbers, saying-

“People used to pay Rs 622 for 200 units of electricity till yesterday, now it’s free. For 250 units they used to pay Rs 800, now they’ll pay Rs 252. For 300 units, they used to pay Rs 971, now they’ll pay Rs 526. For 400 units, they used to pay Rs 1320, now they’ll pay Rs 1075.”

In a recent tweet, Kejriwal also shared that the electricity sector in Delhi has gone through a major reform in last 5 years. And just the previous day, he posted on Twitter, giving out congratulations to Delhi.


Only recently, Aam Admi Party chief made an announcement proposing free metro rides for women. Deputy CM, Manish Sisodia called this as a ‘historic day for Delhi’ and shared his views on the social media.


This decision has definitely put a smile on a lot of Delhi faces, as people are rejoicing for the reduced prices of electricity bill. While others do suspect other agendas.


Well, at least there is a ray of relief for the Delhi residents. And when the elements are too harsh, government is at least offering some lucrative perks.

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