Delhi Farmer Buys Plane Tickets For 10 Of His Migrant Workers To Send Them Home To Bihar

Moved by the plight of migrant workers due to the nationwide lockdown, many have come forward to help them in any way they can. While some are providing them with food and essentials, a few others have arranged transport for these workers to go back home so that they wouldn’t have to walk hundreds of kilometres risking their lives.

One of such people is Pappan Singh, a farmer from Delhi, who recently bought fight tickets for 10 migrant workers who work under him for them to fly back home to Bihar, reports News18.

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Pappan Singh, a mushroom farmer in Delhi’s Tigipur village, has spent a total of Rs 68,000 for the plane tickets and has also given each worker Rs 3,000 in cash so they don’t face problems once they reach Bihar.

“I could not have taken a risk by allowing my workers to walk thousands of miles as it would have put their lives in danger because we are getting to know these days that migrants meet road accidents while going home,” he said.

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Earlier, Pappan Singh tried booking ‘Shramik’ trains for his workers but that didn’t work out. Hence, he decided to send them home via flights. He took care of their medical formalities, got them checked, and had medical authorities issue fitness certificates to each one of them, reports NDTV.

He also dropped them at the IGI Airport while following social distancing norms.

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50-year-old Lakhinder Ram who has been working with Pappan Singh for the past 27 years revealed that Singh had been taking care of their food and accommodation ever since the lockdown began.

“I never imagined in my life that I will be travelling on a plane. I don’t have words to express my happiness,” Lakhinder said.

Pappan Singh is not just an inspiration for many, but an example of how a good and kind heart can change the life of others for the better. Kudos to him for his selfless act!