Delhi Electrician’s Son Bags ₹70 Lakh Job Offer From US Firm

As cliched as it may sound, but there are no shortcuts to success. And that saying is grounded in reality because people have shown time and again that through perseverance and determination we can achieve anything. A few months ago, a ragpicker’s son cleared the AIIMS entrance exam because he wanted to be a doctor from a very young age. Now, the son of an electrician in Delhi has created history by bagging a high-paying job in USA.

According to The Hindu, Mohammad Aamir Ali caught the attention of a United States-based firm with his unique idea for charging electric vehicles. Aamir said,

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“Electric vehicles are my passion. Lack of charging infrastructure is the basic problem faced by electric vehicles in India. If I succeed in my research, the cost of charging electric vehicles will become nearly zero.”

Aamir’s road to making his project functional wasn’t an easy one. It started with his attempt to get admission into Jamia Millia Islamia’s (JMI) B.Tech course. However, he failed to do so not once, but three times. After his first try, he didn’t waste time and joined JMI’s Diploma course in Mechanical Engineering. And although he failed to get into the B.Tech course, Aamir kept his passion for electric vehicles alive.

Aamir impressed his professors and guidance counselors at JMI with his project. That’s why they uploaded his work on the university website and sooner or later Frisson Motor Werks contacted them to know more about. JMI placement officer Rihan Khan Suri said,

“After one month of communication via social media platforms, Skype and rounds of telephonic interviews, the company decided to hire Aamir as a battery management system engineer.”

That’s right! Aamir went from trying and failing to secure a place in the B.Tech course of JMI to working as a battery management system engineer in America. And that’s not all. He has been given a package of $100,008, which is approximately ₹70 lakh. The university has said that this is the highest salary package that has been given to a Diploma Engineering student ever.

While it’s no doubt a cause for celebration for Aamir, it’s also a proud moment for his father Shamshad Ali, who has worked as an electrician at JMI. He said,

Image source: Provided by Mohammed Aamir Ali

“Aamir would ask questions on functioning of electrical equipment and electricity that even I could not answer despite being an electrician. I always told him to work hard. I am very happy for him today.”

Oh! That’s so sweet. We’re happy for Shamshad and Aamir as well.

Aamir’s story of failure and success is proof that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams. Instead of going for a compromise, we should stay motivated and keep improving upon ourselves. Because there’s always someone out there willing to give us the opportunity we deserve. So, kudos to Aamir for bagging this job and to his father for never losing faith in him.

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