Delhi Bodybuilder Addict Ends Up In Hospital Getting Addicted To A Drug Used On Horses


Obsession over your physique is a good thing when kept under limits. While sticking to the natural processes of working out can boost your confidence, the shortcuts to get instant results can ruin your life. Yes, we are talking about the steroids and injections, which often lead to lost jobs and ruined relationships.

However, this brings us to a boy in Delhi, who is currently fighting the consequences of being addicted to a drug, not recommended to humans.

Sunny, a resident of Najafgarh in west Delhi, decided to take intramuscular injections of the compound AMP5, in a bid to advance his workout. According to the 21-year-old, he was advised to do so by his gym trainer, who promised him of physical improvement.

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In case you do not know, the AMP5 compound is usually administered to horses to prevent strain on the heart as a result of exertion and heavy workload. In very rare cases, it is also consumed by humans but only in the oral form.

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Sunny started with taking 1ml of the compound before his workout sessions and could feel the effect immediately. He was able to sweat it out in the gym for longer periods of time without getting tired and his body shape also improved. Driven by the fascinating results, he kept on increasing the doses to as much as 4 ml and it worked just fine. Speaking to TOI, Sunny said,

“It worked like magic. I took 1ml of AMP5 before workout and started training for long hours without feeling tired. The shape improved. To improve more, I kept increasing the dosage from 1ml to 2ml to 3ml and then to 4ml and kept getting better results. I even won awards at some bodybuilding championships.”

But wait. The bad was yet to come. Problems started to arise when the boy decided to part ways with the compound. In an unfortunate twist to the story, he was taken over by depression and irritation when he did not take the injection. He found comfort in sleeping all day.

“I was over with bodybuilding and wanted to concentrate on studies. I wanted to quit the injectable but I couldn’t.”

Sunny, who is pursuing B.Sc in nutrition, was taken to the Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, by his parents. He is currently under treatment in the psychiatry division of the hospital. Speaking about the same, Dr. Rajiv Mehta, vice-chairperson, department of psychiatry, said,

“We have put him on anti-depressants and provide stimulation as he was using the injectable. With time, his mood will settle and he will not feel sleepy all day long. He will begin to feel energetic.”

The overuse of steroids and protein supplements are pretty common among the younger generation today. Hereby, we recommend all our readers to take note and not use any drug with consulting a proper doctor. And of course, try and stick to the natural processes of toning yourself. Stay safe…

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