‘A Model!’ Picture Of Delhi Beggar With Full On Swag Leaves People Online Swooning

Indian streets are filled with surprises. On some days you’ll find a poor man selling books just so he can read them. On other days you’ll find a talented taxi driver who can mesmerize you with his voice.

This time around, Kawaljit Singh Bedi, the Chief Technology Officer of NDTV, took to Twitter to share a picture of an insanely handsome man full of swag, allegedly a beggar, walking around with crutches. He was spotted on the roads of Delhi.

Wearing a black t-shirt with sunglasses, the man managed to swoon several people online. However, there were some people who pointed out that the man might actually not be a beggar. Responding to these speculations, Bedi posted footage from his dashcam proving that the man, in fact, is a beggar.

And several others thought that he was a model and even Aditya Roy Kapoor at first glance, for that matter. Have a look:

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Previously, there have been cases where people gave beggars, daily-wage labourers and roadside sellers a makeover and followed it with a photoshoot. They looked unrecognizable in the pictures. This man, however, doesn’t even need a makeover!

Casting directors, are you seeing this? 😉

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