Uber Driver Harasses Delhi Woman, Tries To Throw Her Laptop In A Shocking Incident

The capital city of India, Delhi, is known for a high number of crimes against women. The city is deemed to be really unsafe for women ever since the gruesome Nirbhaya tragedy. In October 2017, a girl from Gurgaon had a narrow escape after being stuck in a tricky situation with an Uber driver.

Despite all its flaws, Delhi is one of the major cities of our country and we love it no less. But sometimes, it shocks us and pushes us to give it a second thought.

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Janki Dave, a Delhi-based woman, loved the city she called ‘home’ until she experienced ill-treatment at the hands of an Uber driver. She took to Facebook to narrate her ordeal.

For years, Delhi occupied a special place in my heart. I was in love with capital’s wide roads, relatively easy/comfortable commute, good infrastructure and loud but almost always warm citizens. I took pride in the fact that I could live independently in Delhi, afford a good life, until today.

I have always brushed aside Delhi’s so-called ‘security concerns’. Maybe, because I never felt unsafe in the city I called “home”. Three hours back, I was shown the mirror. Delhi shocked me, amazed me, forced me to think and pushed me to the corner; compelling me to publish this.

I was travelling by an Uber (a mode of transport which I have been using daily for over 4 years) to the airport. I had my flight scheduled at 8:05 PM. As luck would have it, I was stuck in traffic for over 2 hours. It was already 7:20 PM, I was sure of not making it. At 7:32 PM, I requested the cabbie (politely) if it would be possible for him to drive me back home (Noida). On his denial, I asked him to drop me at my scheduled drop point (Terminal 3, IGI Airport). I could sense he was running out of patience. But I failed to predict what hit me in the next 5 minutes. The cabbie not only refused to take me to the Airport but took a U-turn (despite my repeated objections), parked the car under a flyover and ended the trip. I was fuming but somehow managed to maintain calm. I checked with him (again, politely) if he could take the car to a well-lit corner or near the Gas Station (Which I told him was 2 minutes away). His answer was on the expected lines. He zoomed his car to the opposite end, parked it in the middle of the road near Vasant Enclave, got out of his seat and started throwing (yes, throwing, not placing) my bags/suitcase on the road. I objected, refused to get off the cab, but in vain. He flung my laptop which was the last piece of luggage accessible to him (in the front seat). I jumped out at the sight, somehow stopped him from destroying my laptop. But, things only got worse. What followed was nothing but hooliganism. Abuses, threats, even attempts to indulge in physical assault. All this, in presence of several passers-by, who simply stared and the onlookers who had nothing to offer but their lustful gaze. At some point, I was even told “Maar Dalunga, Ladki Hai, Sambhal Ke reh”; this, in front of at least 15 people, who proclaim to be human beings.

When I raised the issue with Uber, they were quick to send me a templated reply, seeking my Email Id. It’s been hours since I provided them one, and I am still waiting for Uber to wake up.

As far as the Cabbie is concerned, this is not lack of professionalism or misbehaviour, it is a criminal offence and I intend to raise this matter on the apt platform.

I have always found solace in Delhi, but these 5 minutes shall be etched in my mind forever. Sooner or later, Delhi did teach me a lesson, one which I’d not like anyone to learn.


She even shared a screenshot of her feedback on Uber app. However, there is no word from the service providers yet.

For years, Delhi occupied a special place in my heart. I was in love with capital’s wide roads, relatively…

Posted by Janki Dave on 12 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

Things could have gotten worse for Janki if she had tried arguing with the driver. But the threats flung by the driver and the city’s reputation for crime cases against women must have stopped her from taking it any further.

Customers who pay for these cab services expect to be treated with humanity if not great respect. But what the driver did was unacceptable and it is high time an action is taken against these cab drivers who consider it okay to indulge in such violent misbehaviour.