Delhi Driver Decorates His Autorickshaw In Memory Of The Woman He Loved Who Got Married

Lost love often leaves behind a trail of memories and stories that linger in our hearts, reminding us of what could have been. Instagram user Anupama recently shared one such emotional story, told by an autorickshaw driver, which touched the hearts of many.

In her post, Anupama shared a video where she is seen chatting with the autorickshaw driver. She was intrigued by the unique red decorations inside his auto and asked him about it.

The driver revealed that the decor was in honour of his former lover. Her name started with the initials A and S. Those letters reminded him of her, even though they were no longer together.

“Seeing the initials ‘AS’ on the back of my auto brings me happiness,” he explained.

“I remember complimenting an auto driver for the cool lights in his auto, and he told me he did it in memory of his ex-lover. She married someone else just two days after he moved to Delhi for work,” Anupama shared.

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This story won the hearts of several people online who highlighted that there’s nothing more touching than the actions of men in love! Here’s how some of them reacted:

Stories like these remind us that love, even when lost, leaves a mark on our lives that cannot be easily removed.

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