82 YO Doctor Becomes Padma Shri Recipient For Treating Burn Patients For Free For 25 Years

According to a report by India Today, 118 people are to be awarded the Padma Shri this year. The Padma Shri is the fourth-highest civilian award which is awarded to those with a distinguished contribution to various fields such as arts, social work, sports, education, medicine, etc.

One of the recipients the Padma Shri this year is Yogi Aeron, an 82-year-old plastic surgeon from Malsi, Dehradun, for treating poor people with burnt/disfigured faces for free for the past 25 years, reports The New Indian Express.

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Since, 2006, Yogi Aeron has been conducting a 2-week camp twice a year in which patients below the poverty line are treated for disfigured lips, cheeks, nose, and other parts of the face which needs treatment.

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During this time, 500 surgeries are done, approximately. Aeron is assisted by 15 other US-based doctors. There are nearly 10,000 patients enlisted in his waiting list.

Aeron graduated from King George Medical College in Lucknow. He then travelled to the United States to specialise in plastic surgery.

To fund the cost of the plastic surgeries, Aeron seeks help from NGOs and his friends from India and the US.

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He also has a 4-acre campus which has been turned into a “science park” – a learning space for kids. Aeron also wants to convert it into a treatment facility for underprivileged people.

On hearing that he is one of the people to receive the Padma Shri, Aeron said, “That’s fine but I have thousands of patients in my waiting list. I hope some help will arrive for them too!”

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We salute Yogi Aeron for his enormous contribution to society and congratulate him on receiving such a prestigious recognition!

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