Stag Blows Off Doe Figurine’s Head While Trying To Hump It, Twitter Calls It ‘Mindblowing Sex’

The internet is filled with so many peculiar stories. All these hilarious memes and videos help us unwind after a tiring day at work. A recent video of a deer trying to have intercourse with a doe figurine had us in splits.

The funniest part is when the lonely buck starts humping the statue from behind and the doe’s head falls off. The stag is completely stunned and jumps off instantly. The deer’s reaction is super entertaining. It’s just like every other guy who couldn’t figure ‘What happened”. According to Herald Publicist, the video seems to be had been shot in a park where statues of other animals were present too.

We understand it gets quite lonely out there but it is hilarious to watch the deer’s desperate attempt. However, the poor creature seems quite shocked towards the end. Hopefully, the authorities have fixed the statue by now. Otherwise, imagine going to the park for a run and seeing a headless doe!

The video says ‘Caption this’ and here is Twitterati’s response to the Big Bang:

We sincerely hope the stag finds a mate soon!