Here’s Every Photo And Video Of The Madness That Went Down At DeepVeer’s Wedding Party!

For all the memes and jokes about Ranveer Singh not sporting some rainbow sherwani or Deepika’s ghaghra for his wedding, when the time came for him to go wild with his look, he managed to surprise us all again! And this time, he brought wifey Deepika Padukone along for the ride too! The occasion? It was a wedding party to celebrate DeepVeer’s union, thrown by the groom’s sister, Ritika Bhavnani!

The venue was Mumbai’s Grand Hyatt, where the couple is expected to throw another reception for their industry peers. But on Saturday night, the halls were decked for what was expected to be a mad party scene!

And indeed, it was! Check out these pictures of the venue!

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The inside pics of grand hyatt which is ready for the party organised by @ranveersingh's sister ritika bhavnani for the celebration of deepveer's marriage. 😍😍😍🤗🤗 No media is invited there 😥 though 😥. #ranveersinghofficial #deepikapadukone #smile #ranveersingh #justmarried #love#happiness #deepikapadukonesquad #deepikapadukonequeen #bollywoodstylefile#bollywoodstar #deepikapadukonewedding #deepveer #deepveernews #deepveermoments #deepveerrecently #deepveerreception#deepveerbangalorereception #deepveerfeels #deepveerparty #deepikapadukonefan #deepikapadukone👑🌸❤️ #allaboutyoufromdeepikapadukone #deepikapadukonefashion #deepikapadukonestyle #deepikapadukonequeen #deepikapadukonefc #deepikapadukonefan #deepikapadukonesaree #deepikapadukonelovers

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See, this party right here was Ranveer Singh’s ticket to being his whacky self. His explosive fashion sense must’ve been itching to burst out all these days! And for this party, under psychedelic lights, he chose to let it all out!

Dressed in a traditional kurta-jacket combo with a glow-in-the-dark twist, Ranveer Singh, ladies and gentlemen, was finally in his element!

All thanks to designer Manish Arora, Baba looks ready to head straight to the Burning Man after this!

As for DP? She’s been the quintessential Sabyasachi bride all throughout her wedding festivities, except on two occasions when she wore sarees gifted to her by mom Ujjala Padukone.

But for this almost goth-themed party, Deepika Padukone went back to Sabyasachi and donned the most unexpected look!

Her husband’s totally influencing her choices now! But can we just talk about that stunning headgear of roses that makes her look like, and I quote Ranveer for this, “Frida Kahlo on acid!”

The newly-weds were FIRE, with their love, energy and outfits complementing each other all the way!

Take another peek at DeepVeer as they pose with their friends and guests at the party!

The night totally belonged to Baba! He posed and danced and gave cheeky romantic speeches about the love of his life, his wife!

There were plenty of videos popping up on Instagram of the couple dancing and having an absolute blast! But a personal favourite was this one, where Ranveer introduces Deepika on stage in the most adorable way!

“I married the most beautiful girl in the world!”

“She’s obliged me by wearing this today. She’s looking like Frida Kahlo on acid!”

The gorgeous couple then took to the dance floor and we had a glimpse of Mr and Mrs Bhavnani’s first dance… well, at least it’s a first for us fans!

From Deepika’s Balam Pichkari

… to Ranveer’s Gallan Goodiyaan, the couple danced to their heart’s content!

But as I said before, the night indeed belonged to Ranveer Singh, because to watch this man dance without a single care in the world is the purest form of joy!

I mean, we’ve seen him kill it at other celeb weddings like Sonam’s. You can only imagine the enthusiasm level at his own wedding!

And when it’s Ranveer, there ain’t no party until a Govinda song is played, y’all!

There were many people who turned fashion police and criticised the couple (particularly Deepika) for their fashion choices for this party. But that’s the beauty of DeepVeer’s relationship, isn’t it? They’re in love, celebrating each other, and don’t give a care about what people think! And if you ask me, they both look absolutely stunning in their new-age traditional wear, a breath of fresh air from any other couple!

Here’s wishing many more such celebrations for DeepVeer!

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