Deepika Padukone Getting Shamed For Kissing SRK On The Cheek As She’s Married Is A New Low

In India, as in many other countries, societal norms have historically placed a strong emphasis on the sanctity of marriage. As a result, there exists a perception that married people should exercise caution while forming close friendships, engage in physical forms of affection, or have prolonged conversations with individuals of the opposite gender. Any individual, especially women, who challenges these notions is seen as a threat to society’s traditions and is shamed, character assassinated and ridiculed. Here’s an example.

A picture of Deepika Padukone kissing Shahrukh Khan on his cheek was shared by the actress on social media. The two actors have had a very close friendship throughout the years, considering the many successful films they have worked together in.

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Underneath the picture, Ranveer Singh commented with the lyrics of the song ‘Chaleya’ and wrote,“Ishq mein dil bana hai, ishq mein dil fanaa hai, ooooo.”

Suddenly, there were a lot of people who took to social media to disapprove of this kind of friendly behavior between two married people. They claimed that for Deepika to kiss another man and for her husband to make the comment that he did is not okay. Apparently, this kind of culture is creating havoc in society and is normalizing cheating in relationships.

Have a look:

It is perfectly okay for married people to have close friendships with individuals from the opposite sex as long as they work within the boundaries of marriage. There needs to be trust, communication and individual agency within marriages and such restrictive views must be let go if we are to progress as a society.

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