Fans Spot Deepika Padukone On Food Menus And Ranveer Singh’s Reaction Is The Best

Deepika Padukone has been an inspiration for many of us. Her candid letter on depression brought a hitherto untalked of mental health issue out in the open. 2019 brides are still swooning over her wedding pictures and taking notes. Everything from her stylish airport looks to the drool-worthy jewellery in her films is sought after and emulated by fans. And now even restaurants are spicing up their food menus using her name. Have a look.

@sailee_rk shared this Austin, Texas food menu where there’s a Dosa named after Deepika Padukone

The actress was quite happy to know this

Another Twitter user shared a food menu from Pune where there Parantha Thalis named after Sunny Deol, Yuvraj Singh and even Yo Yo Honey Singh among others.

And you know husband Ranveer Singh just had to respond with his usual wit and charm. And he didn’t disappoint.

The Simmba actor shared it on his Instagram stories with this caption

If you aren’t already following him on Instagram, you totally should. A while earlier he also engaged in a meme-war with co-star Sara Ali Khan. Needless to say, it was hilarious AF.

If Ranveer Singh was the inspiration for a food item, what do you think it would be? Or would he part of the bar menu instead? A fiery shot maybe?

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