We Came Across This Hilarious Ad Of Deepika Padukone And OH GOD It’s So Relatable!

Deepika Padukone has definitely been traveling a lot with so many international projects in her hand. So obviously she has some awesome hacks when it comes getting our travel bug going! And she does it in the most hilarious way. ?

Now Deepika teaches you how to use your contacts. Download the Goibibo App and Sign in. Sync your contacts with Goibibo app and earn. With every booking that any of your contact makes, you will get goCash+ of Rs. 50 FREE. Go ahead and use it for your own booking. Goibibo truly uses the power of networking.

Thanks Deepika for sharing this secret with us. And to all our Buaji style contacts- Aapka style thoda purana hai, yeh Goibibo ka zamana hai! ? ? ✈️

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