These Dark Comics Are So Deep You Will Never Understand Them

Dark humour is an acquired taste. But once you take a sip, there’s no resisting this bad boy! There’s no dearth of good dark comics on the Internet, as well as the subjects they tackle. Some will prey on your darkest fears, some will showcase the disturbing realities of human life, such as depression. And then of course, there are some which may seem humourous at first glance but wil have dark underlying meaning.

And nobody does this brand of dark comics better than Joan Cornellà!

A 36-year-old cartoonist and illustrator from Barcelona, Spain, Joan Cornellà has been much loved for his dark comics that won’t just make you crack up with laughter but, the very next minute, ponder the haunting truths they allude at.

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Cornellà’s dark comics have been a rage on social media and once you see them, you’ll know why and become a fan too! Check’em out and let’s see how many deep, underlying meanings can you figure out.

Fair warning though, these can be a tad bit unsettling so keep those dainty sensibilities stowed away.

1. Who pooped first? The man or the bird? Well, it’s an endless cycle, if you ask me!

2. Apparently, proposals are a major turn on!

3. Me on a diet:

4. Well, as long as you fulfilled your civic duty!

5. Isn’t that what rich criminals do? Make the ‘problem’ disappear?

6. Law enforcement, ladies and gentlemen!

7. All that glitters is not gold, y’all! Appearances are almost always deceptive.

8. Girl: I need you to fix my arm, doc.
Doc: Done!
Girl: But you didn’t fix what I asked you to!
Doc: But at least you’re all pretty now!

9. Still a better love story than Twilight!

10. Men love boobs. This one loves them a little too much!

11. Stark reality! We’ll be taking selfies while the world around us burns…

12. He did manage to put out the fire though, right? RIGHT?

13. What a brilliant idea!

14. Revisiting a fairytale: The Princess and The Frog 2.0!

15. He does videos as well and they showcase equally hilarious dark sides of us humans!

Do I have you sold on these dark comics? How many did you figure out?