This Deleted Scene From ‘Dear Zindagi’ Is So Good, We Are Mad It Didn’t Make To The Final Cut!

Out of all the beautiful movies that 2016 offered, ‘Dear Zindagi’ is my favourite. Not only did it garner big bucks (in its own capacity) at the box office, but the film even got rave reviews from critics who couldn’t stop praising Shah Rukh and Alia for their performances; and this is not even the reason, why I love it so much. I’m sure every viewer had his/her own takeaway but I, for one, learnt with Kaira (played by Alia). TBH, the soul-searching was a bonus!

Now, the makers of the movie have dished out a deleted scene and I can’t help but feel dismayed that it didn’t make it to the final cut. The clip, uploaded by Red Chillies Entertainment has a perplexed Kaira, explaining an elderly about  ‘aaj kal ke bacche‘ that will leave you rooting for her by the end of it. Next time you want to tell somebody that giving respect is a two-way street, show them this video. Please?