Girl Breaks Up With Boyfriend After Watching Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds Replies To The Man

For those who have watched Deadpool..oh wait. Everybody has! So all of you must be familiar with the fact that ‘Deadpool’ is actually a break from the monotonous, glitzy and glamorous Hollywood heroes who are always inch perfect with their looks.

In Deadpool’s case, Ryan Reynolds plays a nihilistic character who is not only disfigured but the result of a miraculous cure of a mad scientist. He drinks to bury his sorrows, his love life is dead and as you have already guessed his life is always getting shitter.

And what if an individual of this kind gave you life lessons? You wouldn’t have fallen for it, right? But this girl did.

Remember that one point in the movie, where Deadpool actually tells your girlfriend – assuming the audience is you – to break up with you? Yes, a girl actually took the moment seriously to break up with her other half.

The unfortunate guy took to Twitter to announce his break-up stating that how his birthday got wasted because of the Ryan Reynold’s movie.

And guess what? Ryan Reynolds being the wonderful guy he is, replied to the heartbroken lad and with an apology.

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Well, our hearts go out for the poor guy. While films tend to give us ample life lessons we should know which one to implement and which one to not. Come on, that’s common sense!