Karnataka: Families Gather Together To Marry Bride & Groom Who Died 30 Years Ago, Watch

Marriages in India are a huge deal, at least it was, prior to the coronavirus pandemic. But still today, it’s incomplete without the couple following the cultures and traditions and taking part in the festivities before committing to each other.

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While you might have seen real, living couples getting into matrimony, here’s a wedding of two people who died nearly 30-years-ago.

As bizarre as it sounds, this unique wedding is actually a tradition and pretty common in Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka. It was a Twitter user Anny Arun who attended this wedding and gave us a peek into it.

Initiating the Twitter thread, Arun penned that he attended a wedding wherein the bride and groom were actually dead, about 30 years ago.

While he was at the wedding, he shared visuals and gave live updates from the wedding venue. He said that it’s a serious tradition in the area.

“For those who died in child birth, they are usually married off to another child who is deceased during the childbirth.”

He stressed that all customs at this unusual wedding were similar to normal weddings. From engagement to baraat and finally the pheras, everything happens as it would when two living people would get married.

First up, the groom’s party gives the sacred wedding saree to the bride’s family and then waits for the bride to get dressed for the following rituals.

In this case, the two thalis with the bride and groom’s clothing personify the individuals marrying. When the bride comes back all dressed up, a family member from both families holds the thali and takes the ‘Saptapadhi’ 7 rounds before sitting for the marriage.

The couple then sits in their respective places, all set to get into matrimony.

And if you’re thinking the environment would be sad, then you’re mistaken. Everyone attending the wedding is happy for the couple.

Then the other rituals like ‘garland ceremony’ are conducted by the family. Also, kids and unmarried people are not allowed to witness this marriage.

Arun finally reveals the name of the groom and bride- Chandappa weds Shobha.

Now, the bride and groom hold each other’s hands, in this case, the groom’s shirt hand holding the bride’s pallu, all set for the ‘muhurtam’.

This is followed by ‘Kanyadana’ and the ‘Mangalasutra’ rituals that signify that the couple is now married.

The couple now changes sides as per the customs.

The attendees now shower their blessings on the couple and the newlyweds go to the temple to seek God’s blessings.

There’s also the bidai and the welcoming of the bride to the groom’s home.

And after the wedding is done adhering to all the customs, it’s time for the feast.

Just like me, people online were fascinated by knowing about this custom. This is how they reacted.

Were you aware of this unique wedding? Let us know!

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