Woman Who Was Told Her Boyfriend Was In Coma & Died, Discovers He’s Alive 7 Years Later

Everyone would agree that quarrels are a big part of relationships. At times, the sweet succor of making up after an ugly spat only sweetens the deal. Yet things went quite awry for a young girl who had a fight with her lover.

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She shared a video narrating the ordeal. She stated that she was only 14 when she met a boy and they dated. However, it was a long-distance relationship as he lived far away in New York. They apparently quarreled after 6 months of dating and didn’t talk to each other for 3 days.

But she further alleges, “It turned out he was in the hospital cuz he got stabbed. He fell into a coma and then one day I got a call that he died. That was six/seven years ago.”

Take a look at her video:

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But, the girl who is now in her 20’s reveals that their story had an unexpected twist. “Two days ago he posted a picture of him and his bf,” she said.

Times Now News reports, the girl confessed she’d “cried” on spotting her ex with his new love. However, she admitted that they looked “so happy together”. Yet her grief has “affected every relationship” she has had since that day. Therefore, she tried to get in touch with him to seek closure. She messaged him, saying, “I saw your story. Please answer. I loved you for seven years. Dave please answer me.”

However, Dave hasn’t responded yet. It can be heartbreaking to lose a loved one and come to terms with their seemingly untimely demise. Yet, discovering it was a betrayal probably feels much worse. Wouldn’t it be better to pen a breakup text? Tell us!

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