Smart, Sassy And A Sachin Cameo: ‘Sparks’ Mini-Series Shines Light On An Unseen Side Of Bankers

Have you ever noticed how so many of our movies and TV shows tend to show bankers in a sort of negative light? They’re pretty much the bad guys, denying loans to the needy or shattering dreams of the lead character by making everything about the money. Right? That’s what I thought! Until….

Enter ‘Sparks’, a mini-series that’s been generating some rave reviews on the internet. It’s a smart, sassy story about a bunch of bankers at DBS, and is inspired from true events!

Naturally, my interest was piqued! I couldn’t help but binge on all 10 episodes in one sitting!

The series, just like its name, begins with sparks flying between two of the protagonists. Claire Lee, a relationship manager at DBS is given the responsibility to help new recruit Jasper Wu integrate into the team.

It would seem like the two are off to a rocky start, but you’ll see, there’s more to their story!

As the series progresses, Claire, Jasper, and the rest of the team face up against challenges from their clients, while dealing with the highs and lows of their own personal lives.

We’ve often perceived banking as a heartless, money-centric profession. But as one of the team members, Carolyn Tan explains in the first episode, it’s about helping people live their lives to the fullest.

Quite an intriguing work ethic to live by, wouldn’t you agree?

Whether it’s helping a village school embrace better education for its children…

… Or securing the future happiness of another…

The team comes together and makes it all happen, using not just their professional acumen but also their drive to go the extra mile for the people they do business with.

Mind you, it’s not always a bed of roses…

They’re faced with adversity, loss, and doubts about their own feelings.

But what makes it an endearing watch is the beautiful underlying emotion that sometimes, it’s not just about banking. Sometimes, banking needs to take a backseat and let life take charge.

The crackling chemistry amongst the characters, crisp dialogues, and a background score that complements the story in every way just add to the appeal! What’s truly amazing is that each episode is inspired from an actual client and challenge that DBS bank encountered!

Oh but wait, I haven’t even gotten to my favourite part yet!

The final mission for our amazing bankers is pretty much divine intervention. Why? Because it comes from none other than the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar!

I know what you’re thinking! How did that happen, right? Sachin has a purpose in real life —to give children the same opportunities that he had while growing up, which made him the Master Blaster that he is today. His real-life purpose gets captured on the show and makes for an interesting finale to the series!

Sachin was looking for a way that would allow children to play a sport when they found the time and not get limited by availability of sunlight. He wanted to tackle the issue of lack of lighting on sports fields. And Team DBS decided to jump right in and made it their shared purpose!

With the return of old friends, some new obstacles and a fresh new challenge to surmount, Team DBS was all set to ignite joy in the lives of children in India. All from a spark!

Were they able to light up Sachin’s dream? You’ve got to see it for yourself with Episode 9 and Episode 10 of Sparks!

Inspired from true client stores of DBS, Sparks is sure to make you smile, laugh, cry and get inspired with every episode! Quite living up to the bank’s motto of Live More, Bank Less!

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