Daughter Tweets About Finding A Handsome Groom For Her Mom, Receives Praise And Support From Everyone

As soon as one turns 24, most parents would start looking for dulhas and dulhans for their beloved children. After all, they want a tall, dark and handsome groom or a sarvagun sampann bride for their children. And that’s indeed the story of most Indian households.

But we seldom see children searching for a perfect partner for their single parent. A couple of months back, a Pakistani man got his mom married after 23 years of her divorce. Truly, times are changing and for good!

Recently, a Twitter user, Aastha Varma posted a tweet stating that she’s looking for match for her mother. Alongside a selfie with her mom, Aastha wrote, “Looking for a handsome 50-year-old man for my mother! 🙂 Vegetarian, Non-Drinker, Well Established. #Groomhunting”

Aastha’s tweet not only breaks the stereotypes around the ‘perfect marriageable age’ but also showcases a daughter’s love for her mother. The tweet has amassed several positive reactions on Twitter with people heaping praise on the daughter for her heartwarming gesture towards her mom.



People got together to help find the perfect man; with several prospective grooms being shared with the mother-daughter duo.



Love and marriage should have no boundaries of age and time. And millenials are definitely taking care of it.

Kudos to Aastha and her mom. Please invite us to the wedding! :slightly_smiling_face:

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