Daughter Of Woman Denied Entry To Delhi Restaurant Says Her Parents Were “Treated Horribly”

A woman in Delhi recently alleged that a restaurant refused her entry for wearing a saree. However, the restaurant named Aquila took to social media and claimed that the guest had slapped their manager. They also alleged that she didn’t have a reservation at their eatery.

The woman however, tweeted a whatsapp chat with Aquila proving she had a reservation.

Indian Express reports that a longer video of the incident shows a male staff saying that they cannot allow them to enter the premises because of their underage daughter who was with them. Take a look-

Reports suggest that a restaurant spokesperson affirmed that Delhi’s excise laws do not permit a person aged under 21 to enter pubs. Aquila claimed the woman’s daughter was still underage.

The woman then retweeted her daughter’s notes on the matter after she took to Twitter. IE reports that the daughter admitted her mom had “pushed” the manager, but claimed her parents were treated “horribly by the staff constantly”. Take a look-

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She alleged that she knows about “all the 17-19 years old kids you serve alcohol to”. And suggested the restaurant should simply apologise.

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