Fighting All Odds, This Daughter Got Her 50-YO Mother Remarried After She Lost Her Husband

Some parents give their heart and soul to raising their kids and giving them a comfortable life. Some even ignore their own happiness for the sake of their kids.

This mother from Shillong also dedicated her entire life to her daughter and never ever thought of remarrying or settling down with another partner after her husband died when their daughter was a toddler.

The mom singlehandedly raised Deb Arti Ria Chakravorty, a freelance talent manager in Mumbai, after her dad suddenly passed away due to a brain hemorrhage. Ria’s mother Moushumi Chakravorty was just 25 years old at that time.

After her husband’s demise, Moushumi moved to her mother’s place with her daughter and worked as a teacher, reported Times Now.

Ria has always looked up to her strong mother and wanted her to remarry. But whenever she started this conversation, her mother always had this counter response, “If I get married, what will happen to you?”

The mom and daughter share a very beautiful bond. Hence, Arti very patiently tried to persuade her 50-year-old mother to let love enter her life.

“It took a lot of time to convince my mother to remarriage. I asked her to become friends with someone first. I initially asked her to chat with him as friends. After that, I told her that you’ve become friends, and you can be life partners too,” Arti said.

And finally, her mom opened her heart to a man named Swapan, from West Bengal, who is also her age.

The two got married in March this year. Taking to social media, Arti shared pictures from her mom’s wedding day. Take a look:

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Her entire family got together to celebrate the union of Moushumi and Swapan who were married as per tradition. Here’s a reel Arti shared a while back to mark the 3-month wedding anniversary of her mother.

According to Arti, her mother is now in a happy place. “My mother is happy now. Earlier, she used to be annoyed at everything but she is enjoying her life now,” she concluded.

At a time when divorce is taboo and old people getting married is looked down upon, it takes a lot of courage and love to fight this patriarchal society and its regressive mindset to get your 50-year-old mother remarried. Kudos to you, Arti!

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