IPS Officer Posts Adorable Video Of His Little Daughter Doing Makeup On Him, Watch

Not all, but a lot of dads have a very unique relationship with their daughters. While some prefer to be serious and protective to safeguard their daughters from the wicked world, others become their daughter’s best friend playing with barbie dolls and getting pretend makeup done on them by their little munchkins like in this case.

Taking to Twitter, IPS officer Vijayakumar shared a wholesome video reflecting the bond he shares with his little girl Nila. He dropped a video wherein Nila was seen playing pretend makeup with him while he sat there patiently being her lab rat.

While she does his makeup, she even encourages Vijayakumar saying that he looks like a doll and that she is doing so to make him look beautiful, reported Hindustan Times.

Take a look at the cute video:

People online were all hearts on the adorable dad-daughter duo:

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How cute! What’s your cherished childhood memory with your parents? Share with us.

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