Datsun’s New Line-Up’s Got Everything You’d Want In Your Dream Car… Remixed!

“If you don’t look back at your car after you park it, you own the wrong car.”

Cars, for me, have always been more than just an automobile to be used for a purpose. They have been so much more than that, representing class, style and freedom. Driving around and becoming one with the machine, while you feel the wind on your face, that’s what I’m all about.

While there are many cars and brands that flood the market, there are only a few which ensure to give you quality and an ace experience. One such car model for all Indians is the Datsun GO and GO+ Remix.

And while it is always difficult to find the right mix of sophistication, swanky and luxurious along with your budget, this car did that with ease.

And for the new aged millennial, here’s a fun twist to the car.

Now you and your family can move in style with the super efficient Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ Remix Limited Edition.

The trendy exteriors and all-sleek and ultra-modern look are sure to make heads turn on the streets. Both the limited edition cars are #ThePerfectRemix for the new you.

While Datsun GO Remix stands for power and style, the Datsun GO+ Remix is all about space and style. And what’s the best part? The price of course, selling for just ₹ 4,21,000 and ₹ 4,99,000 respectively the two limited editions are ideal for all budgets.

Top-notch, am I right!?

The exteriors in the Datsun GO Remix boast of an all-black grille and the swanky black wheel covers. To spice it up a bit there are orange accents which add a snazzy and unique look to the car. The chrome bumper bezel completely ties the entire look together.

It even boasts of a smart remote key system which lets you unlock your car remotely with one click of a button.

But what’s my favourite part you ask? It’s got to be the interiors.

With fashionable all-black interiors and a hands-free Bluetooth audio system, now you can listen to your most-loved tunes absolutely hassle-free.

And if it is space that is your focus point while buying a car, don’t worry- the Datsun GO+ Remix has got your back. The spacious and flexible 5+2 seating ensures that you leave no one behind in your family.

So go on long road-trips and don’t worry about limiting yourself with the amount of luggage or people who can hop along- cause there’s a ton of space.

It has space for seven people to fit and is a 5+2 seating arrangement. The cabin is very spacious, everyone can fit in comfortably on the plus seats. Even the third row can be folded too- I mean who doesn’t like some extra boot space!?

Just like the GO Remix, this one too has an all-black grille, black with orange accent wheels, a chrome bumper bezel and a remote keyless entry. The car also has black and orange interiors which give it an edgy makeover.

Presenting the car that’s got everybody talking:

So whatever your need is, the Datsun GO Remix and the Datsun GO+ Remix are the swanky and stylish way to go! I’m pretty sure I already sold you on this one.