Man Shares Questionnaire Sent To Him By A Woman On Dating App, People Call It ‘Brilliant’

Relationships are tricky. You might feel you have finally found the one but they might be double-timing you. But is there a tool to see the future before choosing to share our lives with them? Definitely not. However, we can always speak our minds out to them and have a conversation and then probably make a decision.

But while looking for a partner on a dating app, having a full-fledged discussion isn’t feasible. But this idea by a woman is gutsy and intelligent at the same time.

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Taking to Twitter, a man recently shared a screengrab of a questionnaire a woman sent him on a dating app. The Google document shared had questions like ‘Are you emotionally available?’, ‘Are you a serious relationship person?’, ‘Is dating ever on the plate in the future?’ among other questions.

And interestingly, the Google form blew up like wildfire.

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People were highly impressed by the wicked genius who made it.

SHARE THE DOC! (in public demand)

Intrigued to know who it was? Well, the unique dating form was the brainchild of a TW user who goes by the name Sanya who apparently sends the form to all her Hinge matches.

Earlier, a girl sent tinder matches ‘Application Form’ asking their Hogwarts house and if they like cats. Bravo, woman!

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