Doctor Seeking GF Posts Creative PPT With His ‘Dating Qualifications’ & ‘Reviews’ From Ex


In the internet era, approaching the person you like or meeting random strangers on dating apps has become pretty common. But even though we have a fair chance of pursuing the right person, the competition is stiff. Hence, being ahead of the curve always helps.

To stand out from the crowd, people these days have been coming up with creative ‘dating resumes’. These intelligently crafted CVs highlight the applicant’s skills, objectives and sometimes mating qualification.

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Jumping into this unique dating trend is this doctor from Johor, Malaysia who posted a ‘job vacancy’ looking for his significant other who is “well-educated, mature and has table manners,” reports Times Now.

Tweeting the seven slides of his PowerPoint presentation, Dr Muhammad Naquib Hasief Bin Baharin also highlighted his interests, qualities and pros and cons making it easier for his prospective partner.

He also mentioned that the ‘person’ will get a monthly commission based on her performance with additional birthday benefits.

According to his hilarious presentation, he’s a ‘meme sharer’ who ‘overcommits to jokes and pranks’ and consistently has a bar of chocolate with him.

However, his mom says that his ‘musics usually too loud’.

Naquib says that this position also holds extra commitments, “so trial basis probation is expected for the initial 1-3 months” depending on the person’s performance.”

He also incorporated ‘reviews’ of his acquaintances and his ex about him on the presentation.

And as expected, people online had a lot to say about his innovative dating vacancy.

His unusual job vacancy also encouraged others to make one for themselves:

Well, girls, what do you think of this fella with some great sense of humour who can clearly help you with your PPTs?

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