People Reveal How They Wanted To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms, Knees Despite It Being Normal

Years of advertising and marketing strategies had many of us believe that dark armpits, knees, elbows, necks, etc. are not normal. Every inch of our bodies was expected to look texture free and fair. To battle dark and textured skin, a hundred companies would launch a thousand products only to ‘fix’ what is normal.

People online have been expressing how they were shamed for dark body parts, were embarrassed and how they tried to get rid of it.

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While some revealed that they were called unhygienic, others claimed how they rubbed their dark parts with soaps and creams till it caused rashes and burns.

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There should be no shame attached to having darker body parts. Unless it is a medical condition, in case of which one should visit a dermatologist, we shouldn’t spare a thought on how to ‘fix’ ourselves.

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