‘Dangal’ Earns Rs 1,106 Crore In China But How Much Has Aamir Khan Pocketed? Take A Look.

‘Dangal’ shall and will always remain one of the finest movies ever made in the world of cinema. The biopic of champion Indian wrestlers Geeta and Babita Phogat and their father/coach, Mahavir Singh Phogat has swayed the world over.

While its box office collection in India was record-breaking, the moment it released in China – the glass ceilings were shattered. As of now ‘Dangal’ has earned more than Rs 1,941.34 crore globally, making it the 30th highest grossing movies world wide.

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Crossing the $300 million mark, ‘Dangal’ is the 30th movie in the entire freaking world to earn that kind of money. And it also is the fifth non-English movie on the list.


If ‘Dangal’ is creating such enormous ripples world wide, how much is Aamir Khan getting out of it. In China alone, ‘Dangal’ has earned Rs 1,106 crore. According to The Indian Express, Chinese Government only shares only 25% of its revenue with foreign studios.

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This is a lot less than what other countries share. They share at least 40 to 50% of the revenue that is generated. The 25% that the production houses will earn, accounts for Rs 276.5 crore.


The film is a produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Aamir Khan Productions and UTV motion pictures together. DNA report also states that –

Distributor-exhibitor Akshaye Rathi says, “Only 45 foreign films are allowed to release in China. Of these, four are Indian films.” He adds that out of the percentage that UTV Disney has earned, more than 80 per cent will be taken by Aamir.


Aamir has been making class-apart films since a very long time now, and ‘Dangal’ is no exception to that! The Nitish Tiwari helmer, deserves this and a lot more.

Kudos, team ‘Dangal’!

News Source: Indian Express, DNA