Dancing Uncle No 2 Is Here And His Kickass Moves Have Won Over Madhuri Dixit’s Heart

dancing uncle

Remember the eventful day when a middle-aged Indian man, dancing casually (yet impressively) in a wedding,¬†took over your social media feed? Well, it hasn’t been long since then but the phenomenon of ‘Dancing Uncle’ has hit us hard and TL’s are proof.

From endorsement deals to meeting his idol–the OG Govinda, dancing uncle’s popularity rocketed overnight and rightly so. With his moves and spirit, his fan-following doesn’t come as a surprise TBH.

dancing uncle

But amidst all, he has, and for the best, inspired others to dance like there is no tomorrow. That’s right…

We have been graced by Dancing Uncle No 2 and boy, oh boy!

Dance Deewane is a regular reality dance show with Madhuri Dixit as one of the judges. But it soon slipped into extraordinary when a man, seemingly in his late 40’s, broke the dance floor with his killer moves.

dancing uncle

See his expressions? Yeah, there are more from where that came from.

In fact, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better he dropped to the ground and did something so cool, I dropped my jaws.

dancing uncle

And not just me.

Even Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri couldn’t hide her feelings and gasped while giving him the standing ovation he deserved.

dancing uncle


See the entire video here.


He didn’t need any 8-pack abs. Just the right attitude that made him pull off all the moves so effortlessly, and might I add, shirtless!

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