Dancers Share Their #MeeToo Stories In A Bold Video To Challenge Trolling And Objectification

A couple of days ago I told you how Gauri Khan, designer and wife of Shah Rukh was trolled for wearing a see-through dress and not dressing her age. A couple of weeks ago I told you how Malaika Arora Khan was slut-shamed for wearing a sheer-cape dress, again because she is a mother of one!

But I’d be lying if I said that it was all that happened. Yes, not everybody slammed them for ‘not dressing appropriately’, there was another sect that gladly objectified both the women like they were entitled to! And as a person, as a woman, I can not begin to explain how it churns my stomach. But on the hindsight, I have come to the realisation that I am not the only one.

A group of dancers at the BOM squad have come up with an empowering video that rises from the ashes of all the accounts of sexual abuse that they faced. Just like you and me. 

dancersThey began by highlighting the crass comments that they, as dancers, have been subjected to…


They even narrated their ordeal in turns, in the form of dance that reflected the pain of bearing the brunt of harassment and molestation irrespective of their ages. 

dancers But the good thing is, enough time has passed.

That’s right. They have a bold and brave message for all those creeps out there and it is something every girl has wanted to yell at least once in her lifetime. 


Watch the entire video here. 

Ladies, please take a cue. Don’t let any naysayer chip your wings. Fly high and inspire fellow-women to take flight too!