Mumbai Dance Crew’s Anti-Rape Performance Leaves Judges & Audience Speechless


Art has the power to make monumental changes in society. Be it by painters, dancers, singers, performers, writers or designers. They have the ability to put forth their thought and influence the public’s perception of things. Both for good and bad. For example, in the 18th century in Kerala, the artform Ottanthullal was born. It made use of wit and humour to call out socio-political issues in the society.

On the other hand, Bollywood, the biggest entertainment industry in the country, has had a lacklustre attitude to engaging in such matters. Moreover, they have, to some extent encouraged the misogynistic tone in romance that we are all so aware of.

Therefore it came as a welcome change when contestants on a popular dance show, used their platform to call out the rape-culture that has been bred in India.

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The Mumbai-based troupe, Feel Crew, left both the audience and judges of the show Dance+ 4 speechless with their performance during the auditions.

Performing to RJ Naved’s riveting hoax call on abortion, the seven-member group put on an emotional act on anti-rape.

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The video of their performance, which was posted on Facebook on the 8th of September, has since gathered over 11 lakh views.

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Watch the thought-provoking and sould-stirring performance here:

The country is going through significant changes right now. Or atleast, it’s been given a chance to do so. At this time, it is impertive that we don’t shy away from having this conversation just because it is an uncomfortable one to have. Kudos to the team of Feel Crew for using their platform for good.

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