12-Year-Old-Kid’s Dance Moves Prove That Wonders Happen When Parents Encourage Talent

The bond between a parent and child is very special. Parents envision a bright future for their children and do all they can to provide the very best for them. In their quest to recognizing their child’s interests and talents and helping them nurture it, parents search for opportunities to cultivate and showcase their talents for a brighter future. Lakshay is one such kid.

Lakshay’s mom encouraged his dancing talent right from the time he was 4


When your dreams aren’t conventional, it’s hard to get your parents to support the artistic side of you. But Lakshay’s raw talent spoke to his mom. She recognized his talent and dedication to bettering his art and enrolled him in dance classes. She took him to practices, shows, and performances & became his most dedicated supporter and biggest fan.


Because of such support, Lakshay was able to live his dreams, when he got to perform on HDFC Life’s YoungStars with his mentor Lauren Gottlieb.


YoungStars is a platform where kids get to showcase their talent in 4 categories- comedy, singing, dance and musical instruments. There were thousands of entries but Lakshay’s love for dancing and his flawless routine instantly connected with Lauren Gottlieb, the mentor for the dancing category.


What inspired such dedication in a 12-year-old? His subconscious wish to perform in front of his father and the unparalleled effort of his mother.


Lakshay’s father is a doctor and his busy schedule limited the father-son time. This time, Lakshay set out to make his father proud and was surprised to see his father’s beaming face in the audience. It was a proud moment for his father and you really can’t miss the joy radiating from Lakshay’s face.


HDFC Life organized this talent hunt, to provide gifted children the right kind of platform to showcase and hone their talents.



Through the show, young talents like Lakshay were able to gain invaluable mentorship from celebrities such as Lauren Gottlieb, who are masters of their fields.

HDFC Life, as a company, has always been committed to providing parents the right opportunities to discover and hone their child’s talent. YoungStar was another way to provide parents the perfect way of honing their child’s talents.

Talent without mentorship is like a raw, uncut diamond. It is only with polish that a diamond can truly shine.

This article is brought to you in association with HDFC Life

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