World’s #1 DJ Meets A Deaf Dance Teacher. An Experience In Mumbai On 9th Oct You Just Cannot Miss!

Why do we play music at parties? Have you ever thought about it? It’s not just because we want to dance, entertain ourselves or fill awkward silences. Music brings people together, even if it’s the first time you’re meeting them, it gives you a connection.

The Smirnoff Experience realizes the unifying spirit of music, which is why they are bringing Dimitri Vegas and Live Mike to Mumbai on 9th October!


The Smirnoff Experience has been revolutionizing the festival-going experience since 2013 and this year is going to be no different. They are pulling out the big guns, Dimitri Vegas and Live Mike! The duo that have been declared the world’s best DJ’s according to a reputed magazine.


But that’s not all, Chris Fonseca, a deaf dance teacher, will also interpret the beats and set the dance floor ablaze.

Yup, not only do we get to see a stellar performance by Dimitri Vegas and Live Mike, we get to see Chris Fonseca, a popular deaf dance teacher perform to their beats. Chris has been teaching other hearing impaired dancers in London, feel the vibrations on the dance floor and let loose.


And this time, we get to be a part of the experience! We can put on earplugs and join Chris to get a real feel on the dance floor.


The Smirnoff Experience has taken it a step ahead by breaking all the barriers and unifying people from all walks of the world, under the umbrella of music. We don’t need to hear the music, we need to feel the music take over us. Which is why, they plan to set up a stage that is specially designed to help hearing impaired individuals feel the music and anyone who feels like experiencing it can join them on the dance floor.

Now this is what we mean, when we say, ‘Music brings people together’. So don’t miss a chance to experience something this monumental and head over to Turf Club on 9th October.

Because music is the strongest form of magic. 

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