Internet Floods With Hilarious Memes After People Assume ‘Playboy’ Dan Bilzerian Got Married

There are chances that you might not know Armenian-American poker player, businessman, and internet sensation Dan Bilzerian. He is popular for his flamboyant lifestyle that involves a lot of women.


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Hence, when 41-year-old Dan posted a picture from a wedding aisle with a woman by his side, the internet went berserk. Taking to social media, Dan shared a picture that broke the internet. He also captioned it, “I finally did it.”


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Looking at Dan (infamous for his playboy image) in a black suit, hand in hand with his girlfriend, all dressed up and holding a bouquet, one would think that the day has come when he finally found THE one for him. Hence, a lot of people congratulated the couple for getting into matrimony.

People online also flooded the internet with memes and jokes following this unbelievable event.

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There’s a big ‘BUT’ here, guys! Dan settling with one woman for life is sure groundbreaking news. But that’s not how it actually is.

According to News18 and multiple other sources, the cryptic pic that he posted is actually from his friend Bill Perkins’ wedding in the South of France that he attended with his current girlfriend who was one of the bridesmaids.

In one of the photos that Bill posted from his weddings on his social media, Dan and the woman in the pic with him were seen enjoying the festivities in the background.


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Clearly, things are not how it looks. You’ll hold on to your horses for now. However, the internet getting a shock is much expected.

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