13 Illustrations That Perfectly Describe Why Periods Are A Literal ‘Pain In The Ass’

No body loves periods. Everyone knows that.

But believe me when I say this, I have tried my best to not hate my periods, but it keeps giving me a new reason every time! I decided to make peace with the cramps, and then it gave me ruined underwears. When I decided to make peace with that, it gave me inexplicable mood swings. And let’s not talk about how it comes unannounced EVERY TIME I am outdoors with no availability of pads or tampons nearby. ūüôā

Daisy Bernard, a very talented artist has portrayed some of these thoughts in her quirky illustrations, and believe me, they will give you all the feels. Let’s have a look!

1. Everyone has their ‘period underpants’¬†?


2. Pretending to be pregnant when you feel bloated. Ah, the guilty pleasures.


3. Honestly, any kind of advice from ANYWHERE is appreciated


4. When you have to sneeze and pretend that your uterus didn’t just unload itself in your underpants


5. When blood goes EVERYWHERE but on the pad


6. Let’s talk about cramps. Or wait, let’s not!


7. With great period, comes the great ‘I must have left the stove on’ paranoia




9. Oh, that lovely moment when period decides to come when I’m outdoors


10. I really hope I’m never in this situation


11. Why can’t shops have pads when I need them?


12. Will still ask friend to check for stains 167 times


13. The great paranoia Рpart 2 ?

Weren’t these super relatable? You can also follow Daisy’s more awesome work on her Instagram.

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