Punjab Daily Wager Borrows ₹200 From Neighbour To Buy His First Lottery, Wins ₹1.5 Crore

In the course of life, often times, it takes an unpredictable turn turning our world upside down. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Such instances remind us of the incalculable quality of our days. It also serves as a hope for better days ahead when we’re going through a tough time.

For Manoj Kumar and his wife Raj Kaur, life threw them a lifeline when they were least expecting it. And it was no meagre lifeline.

Working as daily-wagers at a local brick kiln near their village in Punjab’s Sangrur district, this couple made a combined total of ₹500 per day.

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However, their lives changed for the better on the 30th of August after the father of four, Manoj won the Rakhi Bumper Lottery of ₹1.5 crore.

Soon enough, property agents and bankers started knocking at doors of their humble abode with lucrative investment offers.

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They say luck works in mysterious ways and in this family’s case it has been proven to be right. This was the first time ever that Manoj bought a lottery ticket and that too with a ₹200 he borrowed from a neighbour.

And this fortune could not have come sooner as Manoj’s eldest daughter, a graduate of class XII had started looking for a job to supplement the family income.

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Thanks to the lottery, Manoj has now asked her to focus her attention on further studies to become eligible to join the police force as she had once planned.

However, Manoj regrets that the lottery could not have earlier to save his ailing father who recently passed away following asthmatic problems. He says:

“Whatever little savings i had, i spent it on his treatment, but i could not save him.

after my father died, i went back to the brick kiln. even after putting in extra hours, i could never earn more than ₹250 a day as i was paid 50 paise per brick.”

On August 30th an employee of the local post office turned up to inform him of his win. Raj Kaur remembers it as such:

“I overheard the conversation my husband was having with the man from the post office. I thought they were just having a chat. But then the man came back with the newspaper and when Manoj matched the ticket number that he pulled out from his soiled trousers pocket, we were completely stunned.”


Manoj has handed over the required documents to the state directorate for lotteries to claim his award and is expected to get the money in the next couple of months.

He now plans to build a new house for his family to get them out of the half-brick half-mud structure they reside in now.

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He also wants to secure the futures of his 4 children. He says:

“My second daughter wanted to become a nurse. now, i want her to become a doctor. my third daughter is still in class vi. my son, who is in class x at the village school wants to become a priest in the church and i will support him.”

The family will also be offering financial aid to Manoj’s elder brother who stays next door and they feel it is their responsibility to help better the lives of other members of their family as well.

Manoj and family are living proof of how help finds you when you are least expecting it. The 4 children in this family will now be able to live a fuller life thanks to this unexpected fortune.