Dad Publishes Superhero Book Series Based On His Dying Son So He Won’t Be Forgotten

Losing a loved one can be devastating. Hence, it’s impossible to imagine a parent’s pain after they get the news that their kid is about to die.

37-year old Darren Garwood and his wife Rebecca (34) were shocked when their son Jackson was diagnosed with Krabbe disease, a deadly disorder of the nervous system when he was nine-months-old.

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This indicated that Jackson could only live until his 2nd birthday.

“Our lives came crashing down when Jackson was diagnosed, I tried to blank it all out”, said Darren.

They saw their perfect son lose the ability to use his arms and smile. His symptoms included irritability, choking, seizures along with the loss of developmental and motor skills.

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But the couple soon decided to not let Jackson’s disease define their lives and came up with an idea to ensure that he never gets forgotten.

Darren decided to turn his son into a superhero! He wrote and soon published 10 books under the title Jackson Superhero which sold around 4,000 copies within a span of just three months!

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The next book in line is called Jackson’s Solution To The World’s Pollution and is due in May.

“Since they were published, the most amazing thing is that there are kids who want to be like Jackson now”, said Darren.

“I want everyone to remember Jackson when he’s no longer here”, he added.

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Jackson was born a healthy baby in August’14 but stopped hitting his milestones when he was nine-months-old. He lost the ability to perform skills he had learnt earlier with ease like feeding himself.

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But now, defying all expectations, Jackson is approaching his 5th birthday. The doctors can no more predict how long Jackson is going to live.

The couple now also have a baby daughter.

“We had a little sister for Jackson – and I want her to know who Jackson was, and what he was like”, said Darren.

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Darren has several other Jackson Superhero stories in mind which he is going to pen down in the future. He says that the books are going to be never-ending, that it is their escape.

Jackson might not be here for a very long time but when he leaves, he is going to leave behind a legacy.

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