Retd. Col Shares How He Became A ‘Mom’ To His Pregnant Daughter After His Wife Passed Away

Ask a woman and she’ll tell you how even after decades of being married and having her own family, she still gets excited when going to her parent’s place. Watching dad bring her favourite fast food and seeing mom take care of her kids makes her at peace. But nothing can be as devastating for a child as losing a parent.

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This dad also wanted his daughter to get the best care, food, and nourishment his late wife would have otherwise given to their daughter knowing she was pregnant. But since fighting comes naturally to this retired colonel, he decided to make his deceased wife proud by stepping into her shoes and not making their daughter feel motherless at such happy times.

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Taking to Twitter, Sanjay Pande shared how he became his daughter’s mother and prepared all the traditional food and diet for her by taking help from the internet, books, and the elderly.

He tweeted:

He managed to make the first batch of laddus for 30 days. But the problem was transporting them from Delhi to the UK. Well, he even had a solution to that.

He did some intensive research in India before feeding anything to his daughter in a foreign land. Despite the covid-induced lockdown, he made sure his daughter was provided with everything.

Not just during her pregnancy, he ensured his daughter was provided with all the desi food she needed post-pregnancy. He went back to researching and became a master in making superfood-packed traditional laddus.

Today, Pande knows perfect recipes for more than 12 laddus that women require from conception to the baby crossing a year of age.

He now takes pride that he fulfilled his duty and didn’t let his late wife down.

His thread moved people online who saluted this super dad for his act.

Don’t know about you but I got teary-eyed on reading this thread. Parents are definitely God sent. Your kids would be so proud of you, sir!

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